What We Know About the Recreational Music Maker

They love the piano and piano music. For the student, there is an emotional connection to the thought of actually playing the piano. Many folks have had this desire for most of their lives and only dreamed of someday playing.

They want to participate in the making of the music. They are not satisfied by only listening to music. Even in the beginning stages of learning, they experience many of the wellness benefits of playing an instrument.

They are not convinced that they actually can learn to play the piano. It is important to honor the courage that is required for the student to sign up for lessons. They simply need to be shown they can learn.

They need a stress-free learning environment. A stress-free learning environment is created when the teacher exchanges unreasonable expectations for a comfortable, achievable pace. If the pacing of the class is too fast, students will experience stress rather than satisfaction. They want stress-free, meaningful experiences.

They enjoy the social aspects of learning with others. Regardless of background or age, the common thread for the students is their love of music. And they enjoy sharing this love of music with others.

They can become discouraged because of their own expectations. Your sincere encouragement will build their confidence and help them believe that they can play.

- Students are provided the tools and experiences to discover their creativity and musicality.

They will stop playing when the fun of learning is replaced with high expectations they cannot achieve. This will cause frustration and affirm the thought that learning would be too hard. They will experience the joy of the process with this new way to play and enjoy the piano.

They are very appreciative of every success along their musical journey. RMM students will be the most appreciative students you experience as a teacher.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every life needs music

Although the majority of people consider themselves to be non-musical and void of talent, most have inwardly dreamed of playing a musical instrument. The perception that playing the piano is only for the talented has robbed many people of the joy found in making music. We have discovered that when a safe learning environment is facilitated by a caring teacher using creative materials, the quality of students lives are greatly enhanced through music participation. No Talent Required!

The non-musical benefits of playing the piano are equally as important as the musical benefits

Your students will learn how to play the piano and experience all of the musical benefits familiar to this accomplishment. They will also experience many biological, psychological and sociological benefits. These benefits include: companionship, friendship, fulfillment, excitement, improved confidence, pleasure and relaxation. As teachers, we have the good fortune of facilitating these life-enhancing benefits.

Students want to learn to read music, play by chords and share this with others

This program embraces both reading music and learning how to play by chords with a sequence and pace that provides a sense of accomplishment and joy for all students. Contrary to traditional teaching scenarios, RMM students are not required to play in formal recitals. We provide Celebrations, Piano Parties and similar get-togethers to allow students the opportunity to share music with their friends and families on a volunteer basis. A stress-free, supportive environment allows students to nurture and encourage their common love of music.

This philosophy of teaching and learning has the potential to enhance the quality of your life as a teacher

Embracing this philosophy is a process. If you are ready to laugh, learn and share in the joy your adult students will express, the process will become your musical journey. A journey with a bright future!