What is Recreational Music Making?

Karl Bruhn and Barry Bittman, the forefathers of the Making Music and Wellness movement, define RMM as follows:

“Recreational Music Making refers to any form of music making that is not based on mastery of performance. It encompasses enjoyable, accessible and fulfilling group or individual music-based activities that unite people of all ages regardless of their challenges, backgrounds, ethnicity, ability or prior experience. From exercise, nurturing, social support, bonding and spirituality, to intellectual stimulation, heightened understanding and enhanced capacity to cope with life’s challenges, the benefits of RMM extend far beyond music. RMM ultimately affords unparalleled creative expression that unites our bodies, minds and spirits.”

The Materials

Musical Moments was originally conceived for the adult piano hobbyist. The focus was on learning to enjoy the piano and at the same time, experience wellness. When Way Cool Keyboarding for Teens and Way Cool Keyboarding 4 Kids were written, the same innovative approach was used. Because of this exciting philosophy, the three programs have the following in common:

- A focus is placed on creating a whole person approach to learning. This whole person approach helps create a lifestyle that includes active music making for students and their families.

- The pacing of all three programs provides students of all ages the opportunity to play and enjoy the piano without stress or frustration. The pacing takes into consideration both the busy lives of people and the human need for musical expression and creativity.

- The skills and concepts are logically and systematically designed to create a natural and satisfying learning experience for all students.

- The music and accompaniments, written and arranged by Will Baily, create enjoyable and satisfying musical experiences. The feedback from students and facilitators is overwhelmingly positive.

- Students are provided the tools and experiences to discover their creativity and musicality.

- The Hear-Do-See-Label learning and teaching philosophy was incorporated during the creation and testing of all three programs. This natural approach to playing the piano results in student satisfaction from the very first class.

- Students learn to read music at the same time they learn to play from lead-lines and from chord charts.

Because of this common pedagogical approach to learning to play, many adults are also playing from Way Cool Keyboarding and teens and kids are enjoying Reflective Moments and other books written for the adult program.

RMM is...

...not about inspiring extraordinary music - it's about inspiring extraordinary living

RMM is a lifestyle - a lifestyle that brings many non-musical benefits to the participant. The materials in this program are intended to create musical experiences that enhance the quality of life for both student and teacher.

...not about exceptional performance - it's about exceptional support and personal experience

RMM classes are not about the final product as much as they are about the joy found in the process along the way. Classmates encourage and support one another as they make music together.

...not about teaching people to play - it's about giving people the permission to play

Public perception about the talent required to play a musical instrument has kept people from trying. We believe that every life needs music and anyone can learn to play. The desire to play is the only pre-requisite to this RMM program.

...so much more than just talented facilitators - they're caring, compassionate, and intuitive guides

Intuitive guides who are primarily concerned with the quality of the musical experience of each student. A caring and compassionate teacher allows the adult student to relax, accept and enjoy each step in their musical journey.